What Causes Weight Gain After Gastric Bypass?

A surgical complication, rather than eating habits, can cause patients to regain lost weight after gastric bypass surgery, reports Barham K. Abu Dayyeh et al. in the March issue of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology. The authors correlated increased diameter of the gastrojejunal stoma with long-term weight gain after this common weight-loss surgery.

Of weight-loss strategies, bariatric surgery leads to the most significant and sustained loss, as well as resolution of associated metabolic disorders. Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) is the most commonly used weight-loss surgery—patients typically lose 62% of excess body weight and 84% resolve their diabetes. However, regaining lost weight after this surgery can cause significant complications. 

To investigate factors that contribute to weight loss after bypass surgery, Dayyeh et al. collected 4 years of data from 165 patients that received upper endoscopies after RYGB. They found that 59% of the patients regained 20% or more of the weight they lost after RYGB surgery, and that gastrojejunal stoma diameter correlated with weight regain (see below figure).

Predicted percentage of maximal weight lost after RYGB that was regained within 5 years for different diameters of gastrojejunal stoma, based on a linear-regression model.

Although many factors are likely to contribute to weight regain after bypass surgery (preoperative body mass index, nutritional habits, self-esteem, mental health, socioeconomic status, and fistula formation), bariatric surgeons have believed that progressive dilatation of the gastrojejunal stoma after RYGB is also a cause. The study by Dayyeh et al. is the first to establish this association.

An estimated 220,000 bariatric surgeries were performed in the United States and Canada in 2008, and numbers are predicted to increase, so it is important to identify patients at risk for weight regain. Based on their findings, Dayyeh et al. developed a prediction rule based on clinical and endoscopic variables.

Dayyeh et al. proposed that a dilated gastrojejunal stoma causes early emptying of a gastric pouch and loss of post-prandial satiety. However, the combination of a patient’s anatomy and physiological and psychosocial factors that regulate their eating behavior are likely to determine weight loss after surgery.

The authors conclude that stoma dilation should be treated with as much caution as gastrogastric fistulae or other post-surgical anatomic complications. Interventions designed to reduce gastrojejunal anastomosis aperture might prevent weight regain, such as endoluminal suturing devices, tissue plication platforms and sclerotherapy techniques—these have shown promise in managing weight regain after RYGB but need to be tested in randomized, controlled trials.

Read the article online:
Dayyeh BKA, Lautz DB, and Thompson CC. Gastrojejunal stoma diameter predicts weight regain after roux-en-y gastric bypass. Clin Gastroenterol and Hepatol 2011;9:228–233.

About Kristine Novak, PhD, Science Editor

Dr. Kristine Novak is the science editor for Gastroenterology and Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, both published by the American Gastroenterological Association. She has worked as an editor at biomedical research journals and as a science writer for more than 12 years, covering advances in gastroenterology, hepatology, cancer, immunology, biotechnology, molecular genetics, and clinical trials. She has a PhD in cell biology and an interest in all areas of medical research.
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  1. Kevin says:

    This is a really good blog. I learned a lot about What Causes Weight Gain After

  2. Kris Novak says:

    Thanks Kevin.

    • Stacey says:

      I had Roux-en Y Gastric Bypass surgery over 7yrs ago. In the past 3yrs I have gained back about 45lbs. In Nov of 2010 I had to have emergency surgery due to a perforated ulcer at the site where the Roux-en Y was performed. The surgeon told my husband they almost lost me. Since the surgery I have for the 1st time in my life developed anxiety-for which I am being treated with Celexa. It has been over 2 months since I started taking the medication and feel like my old self again. Now I am trying to focus on getting the 45lbs off plus about 15 more. I am trying to walk on a treadmill 15-30 min a day. The problem is my appetite seems to have gone crazy! After the emergency surgery for weeksI hardly ate–now it seems like that’s all I want to do! Any ideas for drastic appetite control?? I don’t want to keep gaining……

      • Joce says:

        I would like to thank you for sharing your story. I’m not a doc but I did have GBP 6 years ago. I can totally understand how you would have anxiety after such a scary event. You family must have been scared too. My guess is that you might have triggered an old pattern or new one of soothing your anxiety by eating. My hope is that you are also seeing a behavioral therapist with the anti-anxiety medication.

        Keep us posted

      • Kelly says:

        The same thing happened to me I also had a perforated ulcer and almost did not make it and Since my surgery almost 7 years ago I have gained back 50 lbs and it just keeps piling on it seems. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

      • brenda says:

        ieing sam thing i hae loest 3 friends do to this i gist had a surgery to my blockage i put on 50pds i scared

    • Donna Klaassen says:

      Kris, How is this issue diagnosed. I am six yrs out and all of the sudden my appetite is larger and my weight is up 15 lbs

    • Random Advice-Giver says:

      “Kevin” was a spam comment robot. Whenever blogs get oddly nonsense or substance-free comments that are just cut-and-paste jobs of some generic statement, and sometimes the name of the article or blog, it was generated by a computer. The idea is to trick people into clicking on “Kevin’s” website.

  3. Kris Novak says:

    Hi Stacey,
    Thanks for reading the blog.
    It is best to discuss these issues with your doctor.

  4. Helen says:

    Hello. I really enjoyed reading this and it is now making me think that my husband maybe correct. He and I watch what I eat like a hawk because I do not want to gain weight back but I have been. When I go see my nurtrionalists he thinks and says it’s my portion sizes. I can NEVER get in with my weight loss surgeon/doctor to discuss. What would you advice?

  5. DKChicago says:

    I am going on 6 years out from RNY and maintaining a 170lb loss. I think I understand this article in part and it makes sense but how does this “progressive dilation” occur? Is it a natural consequence of surgery for some people? Are you suggesting that the surgery be modified in some way that would attempt to reduce the potential for dilation over time? Or that it is a condition that can only be monitored and modified if it occurs?

    I still feel the effects of my surgery to this day and I want to be sure it lasts for years! But I see so many people online talking about how much they struggle with regain, even significant regain. Thank you for this article, Dr. Novak!

    • julie says:

      hello my name is julie i had GBP june 2011 i went through ungodly pain to the point if contiplating my death little dix i know i was slowly dieing anyways, well for almost a yr i was in n out of hospitals having tubes in my stomache sucking out bloox for a few days then sent home here in san diego california, i had flown back home to utah to visit my mothercn the pain was so bad i just couldnt even breath anymore,the day before i was t fly back here to ca. my mother made me go into the emergancy when i awoke to my surprize NO TUBES in my throat but in ICU with 4 I.V’s in me,
      the surgon had told me the sergon that had performed the surgery had left a tear in one of the staple lines n it had ulcered to badly that the intire new pouch n a good portion of my intestine as so bad it was paper thin n on the verg of just ripping into pieces, Which made sence the pain i was in all that time was unbearable! i wanted nothing more to just die! well its been 3 yrs next month june im still having to take Dexilant for the ulcer n liuqid loratab just a 1/2 tspoon to numb the pouch so that i can eat my weight dropped to fast i had gotten sick n very unhealthy to the point that i was not allowed to even feed myself becausemoving my hand up n down was considered burning calories so my husband fed me, well i reach 109 lbs 3 monthes ago n through out this all faint/pass out n just plain not me anymore it has affected my whole life n my families lives, i started drinking a liuqid Coq10 cosco was giving samples out n thought well it cant hurt anymore then what iv been through it has changed my life i can run again/go to the gym walk around the park n i
      to town n best of all i can now hold n pick up my grandson! but i am now up to 125 lbs and the weight seems to be jumping back on n im scared if going through all the hell iv gone through just to not be able to stop this weight that seems to be coming in fast n i exercise everyday im very active n get nothing diffrent then the past 3 yrs. someone please HEEELP!!! if anyone can help me feel free to email me at jp1904cali@gmail.com
      Thank you,

      • julie says:

        Im so sorry about all the spelling errors im on my husbands pspvita n not sure how to use it all that well lol! i also wanted to add that i eat very healthy n excersize everyday, i am also still in pain if i dont take my dexilant EVERYDAY n still have to take the pian med from time to time to help with the pain, i had no care after my sergery as there was none avalible to me or for me that medicare paid for so i went through all this on my own with only my husband 2 daughters n a son in law sat n watched me as i dry heaved n through up blood n choked to the point of passing out for hrs at a time, I have to thank my family for standing by my side through it all.And the surgin in brigham city ut that took the time to find out what was wrng.
        Thank you again anyone who cared enough to read this, I probably will never be able to find my way back to this blog lol! love n hugs to you all n god bless you.
        Julie Petersen

  6. Tim says:

    I need help!! I am a little over two years out and I was on depression meds but I am now off of them. I am very scared cause I have gained about 18 pounds back and I do not understand how. I do not and will not go back but I need some much needed advice. I am so busy and no time to exercise and I was wondering if this has a lot to do with it and also the only thing I did not give up since my operation was diet mt dew. I know this may be stupid but can some one out there I mean anyone give me some advice. I want to get this under control before I lose control.

    Thank you for listening. Please let me know that I am not alone!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    me too! I am freaking out! gaining back, makes me depressed…

    • Michelle says:

      I had gastric bypass done in 2005 I was 410 pounds and I got down to size 12 now I am a size 16 and I am so depressed, I can’t stand it. I am about to see someone else about this weight gain. I hate how I look. Help I understand

      • Anonymous says:

        Go back to basic..I did and I have lost some of my weight…

      • brenda says:

        i know how you feel i was 420 in 2005 and my husban died i trid to get bypass got it in 2007 i goet down to size12 and back to size 16 back and fourth to size 14 know 2013 i am 190pds i ganed 40ds i told my docter i was depressed and he gave me pills but thay dont work thy make me lay arounned and eat i try not to get food in the house and cut food in 1/2 but its still not working,i hat how i look and feel and know i dont go any place where is the help what do we do know, i dont like how i feel and it scared me so weres are 911 wha know? so if you have any help leat m know i tale b12 monthly but my docter said my vitamas are all low and someting bad could happen i have low incom.and dont have money to go back for surgery

  8. Betty Reyes says:

    I had g.b, 6 months ago. I feel as I am gaining my weight back. I would like to join any clinical studies you might have available. 520-709-2749

  9. vedarain says:

    I had GBS about 3 years ago. In, I’d say the past year, I have gained back about 20 pounds. I am SO VERY disgusted by it. I eat very healthy & not big portions. I do snack on things I probably shouldn’t like chips, etc & don’t exercise regularly. I still keep sugar pretty much at bay, consuming foods with around 15g or less per serving. I can eat probably around what a normal person can/should be eating, while I was gorging out when I was obese. So, I know I’m not over-eating. I went down to about 130 (which was very very thin for me) & back up to about 150. I’m in a size 10, which is perfect,,,,however, having gone down to a size 6 & sometimes a 4,,,it is just very discouraging. I feel…….wait, I feel the F word coming on,,,,I’m feeling FAT again & I’m hating it. I think we get greedy, having all of the weight pretty much FALL off in the beginning…its to the point now, I have to work at it. Alcohol consumption, I can guarantee is part of my problem & I will not consume it anymore. Start exercising & really work at it. I would like to loose 20-25 pounds. Which I must say is a hell of alot better to say & know, than having to loose 150+ pounds like my previous situation.

    • Anonymous says:

      hi hun, im just 2 half years in from my gastric bypass. and like do eat healthy and the average persans portion too. i walk a lot and have just got back into exercise. but have gained 28lbs back. im so discusted with myself. and dont ever want to go back to the the 18stone i was. im now a large 14. only 5ft so it shows on me. i need to get some help too. i think we have put in our heads just how great we felf after loosing all that weight. and bottle it. realy put our mind set to looseing the weight and feeling good about ourselves and been in control. nothing tast as good as been slim feels. i drink once a week. but have cut dawn to once a month as i feel dring had a lot to do with my weight gaion. i need to meeting for gastric bypass patients. that will help i think. but in here if you want to chat. best wishes to you and all those struggling at the moment xxx

    • denise says:

      I am 2 years out from my GBS amd have put on 16 pounds, now most pepole say oh no big deal it is only 16 pounds. NO IT IS A BIG DEAL TO ME!!! so today it is 16 pounds, what happens when 16 turns into 20, then 25, 30 and so on. I eat healthy, do I pick at “bad foods” of course sometimes, I am 41yr old femle, sometimes alittle chocolate is a must 🙂 I was so happy with everything in my life when all this weight came off, now I find myself feeling depressed and most important FAILURE! My family, esp my kids have noticed I am feeling very down.. And my family doesn’t understand when you drop 100 pounds and you see the number on the scale you feeling like you won the million dollar lottery, now the scale is going up in the wrond direction…it is devestating! HELP!!!!

    • Martha H says:

      Good for you! Keep on trying.

      I’m in somewhat the same position–lost over 100 pounds after the surgery in 1980, regained about thirty pounds ten years later, somehow lost it all and more after that. But now I’ve regained fifteen of the hateful fat! I don’t understand it!

      I want to eat all the time these days!

  10. I’ve gained 100 pounds back after 7 years!!!!!!! =( I am scared… I don’t know what to do! I keep thinking that regaining the weight is going to cause a serious problem!?

  11. MoeR says:

    I am six years out and have gained most of the weight back. I have noticed that only some food makes be full for a short time and most food seems to go right through. I think it may be the size of the stoma rather than my stomach.
    I am looking into the ROSE procedure, but unless there is a study saying the weight will come off and stay off, I am not doing it. I went through so much pain to lose it and am despairing all over again. The diabetes also came back, which I was told by the surgeon was CURED.

    • Sandy says:

      I regained most my weight and was SURE I had stretched my new tummy out and felt like a failure. Then I went and had it checked out finally risking the humiliation. Guess what? There was a medical reason for it. I believe it is called a fistula. My new tummy and old tummy had reconnected and caused the failure. I will have to undergo a surgery to get it fixed but please go get checked out. This may be what is causing your weight regain.

    • judy says:

      in October I will be 11 years out. I lost 155lb. in the last 3 years I have gained about 60
      pounds. I had high blood pressure & diabetes, after the surgery I was off all meds before I was discharged. Now with the weight gain I fear of getting sick again… but I am determined that with prayer and working in harmony with my prayers all things are possible, so I will not give up! I will eat my chips some but I will continue going to the gym and though I may not see the weight come down as quickly as it did with the surgery at least I’m not on medication, so instead of focusing on the scale so much I want to focus on being healthy; that’s the main thing!

  12. lisa says:

    hi my is lisa an i need help fast!!! Im 2 1/2 yrs.out of surgery.i only lost 78 lbs.since than i have gained 30 lbs.im drinking achohal almost every day i keep saying imma stop( it’s very hard).also i crave alot of sweets and chips!i feel like i have lost control.i dont want to regain my weight back!when i first got the surgey i thought i was still f.a.t when i looked in the mirror.an i now i see im really fat! If someone can help me get my weight

    • Kim Sweany says:

      I can understand some of what you’re going through. I am 1 yr post surgery. I’ve lost 115 lbs and am now down to 130 lbs. I feel good and look good but I’m still not happy. I’m trying to gain about 20 lbs back. The similarity between us is that my appetite has increased severely and so have my cravings but I can’t seem to gain anything. However, I never used to drink before the surgery. Now I can’t stop. I. too feel as if i’ve lost control. I was fortunate that I have no hanging skin and I do look great, which is what I wanted right? The attention I get everyday is almost overwhelming and I believe i’ve replaced my comfort eating with drinking. I wish I knew the answer for both of us.

    • Diane says:

      Hi lisa
      I’ve had my surgery about the same time and I’m going thru the same thing. I feel like a failure and am getting depressed and I want to get back on track. how are you doing?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am approx 6 years out and all of the sudden my appetite has increased and I have gained 15 lbs. How do I get diagnosed to see if there is a surgical issue?

  14. Babysmoke says:

    I was fine until I was put on antidepressants last August (2010). My surgery took place in 2006 and I was down to a size 14 which is great for me because I have a large frame when I was smaller I looked sickly. While on antidepressants (which caused me to have a fierce appetite) I gained 17 lbs in 3 weeks my total weight gain is about 40 lbs and I’m up to a size 18. I’m totally disgusted, with the help of my shrink I’ve been weaned off the 2 antidepressants for a little more than 3 weeks. I am seeking a nutritionist to work with and am going to have allergy and hormonal testing performed to see if the foods I eat are harming me. I developed IBS after having the surgery and certain foods I can not eat or I will bring it up. Gaining the weight back has caused more depression and anxiety than the trauma that caused me to get on the meds in the 1st place. I’m making lifestyle changes: mediation, prayer, change of eating habits, exercise (got to really work on this one) and support groups.

    Please lets all remember that we are human and have the ability to make choices and to change our situations. Let’s focus on the beauty that is within us, so we don’t get depressed/frustrated/mad cause of what we see in the mirror. Progress not Perfection! I believe if we make 1 small change today, maintain it and add on to it we will eventually get to our goal.

    I don’t know about you but I like instant gratification yet I learned if I don’t work hard for it – I don’t really appreciate it. I will appreciate my weight lost this time around even if it takes me years to get back to that size 14…

    DON’T GIVE UP!!!!

    • Larry Servedio says:

      I am three months out from my gastric bypass surgery. I have done very well by losing seventy pounds thus far!!! On the contrar i am also bipolar and do not have the luxury of coming off my psychtropic medications. With all said and done. The food cravings have come back and I”m falling into a visceous web of hunger. I do not no how to beat it! If you have any advice. Cliniclly or otherwise. I would greatly appreciate it.

      • PAUL says:

        hey larry i had bypass 2 yrs ago last nov. i would say you are going through a phase
        your body is looking for some nutrition and what idid to calm down the hunger was to get a lot of protien wether it be from protien shakes wich worked for me or just some good protiene sources like peanuts ,p butter , nuts etc, well i hope that helps good luck.

    • Sweetfury says:

      That’s exactly how I feel. I was thinking about what I put into my mouth and that only I can lose the 50 lbs I have gained back. My downfall is regular colas and greek yogurt with a side of Little Debbie snacks. For all of you out there that have reached a plateau where your weight is steady-don’t take it for granted. It is at that very point that you need to raise your awareness of what you are eating. I was active, walking everyday, chasing grandchildren, totally wearing myself out and I gained weight back. What I did was wear myself out so badly that I grabbed a coke and a nutty bar every morning, and I would buy my greek yogurt and eat the whole 4 pack within a couple hours. I have came to the conclusion that anything that is liquid or soft in texture does not stay in the stomach long enough to sate the appetite for as long as it needs to. I know what I have to do. Write down everything I eat, eliminate high sugars and soft foods like puddings and yogurt. Wish everyone facing this battle good luck.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is Sweetfury again. Today is day 4 of a nutritional diet and at almost 55 years of age I am out riding a bicycle. It took the scale hitting 200 to snap me out of it. I decided to keep my calories between 1200 and 1400 a day so that I can eat healthy, stay healthy. The additional weight gain before and after my back surgery has taken it’s toll on my back and hips. A lot of pain going on when I try to walk. The bicycle works well for me as I don’t have all the weight on my joints. Waiting on MRI results to see if I herniated another disk. But the results are occuring fast- 4.8 lbs lost. I don’t think it will take a long time to lose the 55 lbs. Just hang in there everyone take it one day at a time. If you mess up don’t let it get you down. Start over the next day again. Good luck to all.

  15. Dorothy L MIller says:

    Can I sue my Surgon because I gain back 45 pounds, I had to go thur a psych meeting but since the dr. suggest his friend, I want to re-do my surgery or sue him for my depression and ugly feeling about myself!!

  16. SidS says:

    I had my surgery in 2007 weight at time of surgery was 398lb within one year i was down to 248lb and was happy with how i looked and felt the Doctors where happy also then i lost my job in 2008 got depressed and started to have pain in my arms and legs. in 2010 they told me i have a serve case of Fibromyalgia which i never had before the surgery i also am up to 310lbs and the doctors are doing a endoscopies in one week. i am not happy with the weight gain at all and do not know what do do the pain from the FM is so bad that i wish i never got the surgery.

    • DKChicago says:

      There’s no reason for you to assume that surgery caused the fibromyalgia. Many people regain weight after surgery especially if they have experienced a traumatic life event like a job loss and the onset of a painful medical condition which was a real one-two punch for you; I’m sorry you got hit by multiple problems. You’re still down a whole 88lbs from your highest weight which is that much to your benefit and lessens the stress on your body overall. Follow the most healthful diet you can through this difficult time and do everything your doctors tell you to address the fibro as the primary issue right now. Good luck.

  17. I had my surgery in 2007 my weight was 287 on surgery day. Today I am at 183 and at my lowest 2 years ago I was at 150. I too have recently started to feel like I am never full or I eat and 30 mins later I feel the need to eat again. Is this from the stoma? I would like to have this corrected if I could or if it is possible. I feel like I have done so much work to reach the point I was at before only to have it taken away so fast. I had a child and was able to loose all the weight after having her and gaining 127pds with her. I am currently on antidepressants which are helping the depression but making me eat more( I think from reading other people’s comments). I would love to lose the weight again, but dieting doesn’t seem to help because I am always feeling “hungry”. I never felt hungry before and would never think about eating unless I saw food and could feel sick because I hadn’t eaten in a couple hours.

    • Cassandra says:

      I feel you girl. I am out of control. I am hungry alot. I am depressed from nursing school and just this weight gain. I just eat junk and more junk.

    • Anonymous says:

      You sound so much like me. I had gastric bypass in 2001. I was 305 and got down to 150. I have since gained back to 185 and I always feel hungry. WHY?

    • Marie says:

      Can you please contact me, I can relate to your story so much and would love to chat. Thanks.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I had gastric about seven years ago…lost almost 200lbs and gained back about 90. Ive struggled for years with alcohol. Not something that I abuse all the time, but enough that I worry about it.
    About six months I went on an eating and exercise program and am now down 40lbs from the 90 I regained. I’d like to say that in my case, the tool still works. But I find that I can’t be ashamed to go to the doctor’s and find out if I’m alright.
    Hope you do the same!
    Take care.


    • Shawnee says:

      Hi Denise,
      How did you do that? i have heard that you can do a liquid diet to get your stomach back down to when you had the surgery but i had surgery 3 years ago and got pregnant about 3 months after the surgery. i went from 355 down to 170 and now am afraid to get on the scale but the last time i got on it i was 235. it has me so down. none ofmy clothes feel right and to everyone else, i am still 100 lbs less that when i started. to me…complete failure.
      Any advice is appreciated.

  19. ms delow says:

    hello I’m delow i been having hot flashes for like five months and i have gain 40lb with in that time,my ateing have got out of control,can you help me i don’t want to gain any more weight.

  20. ms delow says:

    let me no what you do about weight gaining with this type of surgen

  21. Anonymous says:

    I had GBP surgery in 2004 i was 264lbs 5’3 i got down to a size 8 from size 24. But i had so much lose skin until i was ashame to take my clothes off, Than i stop eating food and started back eating junk again. im tired all the time and depressed my weight now is 230lbs. I didnt have any complications before the surgery now im experiencing dry hands and feet, oily skin (facial) acid reflex every morn. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO .DO

  22. Call your doctor says:

    I don’t understand why people post their concerns here INSTEAD OF CALLING THEIR DOCTOR!!! Worried? Don’t know what to do? CALL YOUR DOCTOR.

    • SidS says:

      Well “Call your Doctor” that does not work for all of us. I have been to 8 different doctors all referred from my main doctor to find out what is going on. a few have told me that there has not been any good studies on Gastric bypass surgery and the side effects on the long term out look and the other doctors told me they treat the symptoms not the cause of them and most do not know why things are happening. so ppl post on here looking for answers because i have found sometimes doctors do not have the answers because they do not know everything and the sad thing is they will not ask for help from other doctors or they are so over loading with patents they it is hard for the to reach out and talk to other doctors to do research.

      • Call your doctor says:

        So SidS your answer is to post to an obviously unmonitored blog instead of getting on the phone and finding help. Good luck with that.

      • SidS says:

        No i did not say that at All “CYD” what i was saying is ppl are having issues and they go to there doctors and the Doctors do not know what is going on or they say it is in your head. ppl come to blogs looking for help and with your advise being great advise sometimes there is more to it.
        sometimes ppl are looking for some empathy and to find if others are going through the same thing.
        one thing you should of said is to get in a group because there you will find others who might have the same issues as your self but you did not so you got my response.

      • Diane says:

        I think your right but also feel ashamed that we let our self gain the weight back. I think we go back to our old ways so now we have to get strong and get back on track and stop the junk food and exercise more and I feel this will help.

    • Same says:

      Most doctors say “there’s nothing I can do to help you” or just eat less and make you ashamed that you even asked for help. I have been trying for 3 yrs to get help for my GB failure and I am very discouraged.

  23. lonni says:

    I have to agree with Call Your Doctor. There is something most of you all are not doing right. Like sticking to the plan, I read one person drinks alcohol every day. Remember…GBS is not to make you lose weight, it only help you to lose the weight. You don’t just sit around doing nothing or think you can eat whatever you want. This is not how this works.

  24. Cassandra says:

    Hi, thank you for all your honesty. I have gained back almost 60 lbs after eight years. However, I have stopped walking and I also eat lots of cookies and i also drink soft drinks. I am emotionally eating again.

  25. Stronger than Ever says:

    I agree with Lonni…

    I had GBS 4 years ago, lost 140 lbs and have managed to keep it off by watching what I eat and exercising 4X a week at the gym. Others in my office had the same surgery, did not watch their diet or exercised and have gained weight back. I’m not saying this is the case for everyone but the surgery is only a tool. I did gain 15 lbs from my lowest point because I stopped watching my diet and exercising like I was at the beginning but as soon as I realized where I was headed I went back to my routine and lost 5 lbs. It will always be something I have to work at. It will never be easy but takes dedication and hard work.

    Good luck to all of you and hope you are able to make the program work.

    • Diane says:

      I agree that’s where I’m at know I gained 30lbs back and I hate it, but I know why because I’m eating the wrong foods and not exercising. So I will get back on track and lose the 30lbs

    • Anonymous says:

      This is exactly right Lonni, I am almost three years post op. Gastric Bypass is only a tool the rest is up to us. You have to fight and not give up. Exercise and watching everything you put in your mouth. i have gained about 12 pounds back and agree about the antidepressants my weight loss stopped as soon as I started them but I would be extremely depressed without them. I struggle everyday but we can’t give up It boils down to what we have learned long ago eat healthy and exercise there is NO EASY FIX IT IF IT IS GOING TO BE IT IS UP TO ME. I wish it were easier but I’m afraid i will be fighting this fight for the rest of my life.

    • Sherri says:

      I agree with you. It does take dedication. i think the problem that when we get to goal or close we lose focus and get relax. I’m here to say that it requires a life-style change. We can’t give up our bad habits to lose weight and after we have lost it, we go back to eating like before surgery. You will regain weight! I’m determined to not ever go back to 300 pounds. I am only 15months post op. I have lost 140 pounds and i want to lose 10 more. I feel great and that’s my motivation.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Its nice to know that others are experiencing this too. I think it is time that i take control back from my body which had been keeping my weight reigned in from my bypass and give it back to my brain that says i should have been doing the right thing all along. I will lose these kilos by the end of 2012. Good luck to you all

  27. Sven says:

    Ok, so um, please forgive me here as I am newly GBP’d, but I wanted to comment on what a lot of you are saying in this blog. 80+% of the comments are “I gained some weight back, OMG I’m a horrible person, I feel so fat, why is this happening? I am eating so healthy! I mean sure, I didn’t give up diet pop, I like chocolate, I eat chips, and I don’t exercise, but dammit I don’t understand why this is happening! Help!”.

    Hmm – that may be your problem right there lol. Remember people, the surgery is a TOOL, nothing more, nothing less. The first year of weight loss is 80% surgery, 20% you. After that it’s 80% you, 20% surgery. What I am getting at here is it sounds to me like the reason you are all gaining weight (for the most part) is because you’re sliding back into old habits. Go back to the basics – start a food journal and write down EVERYTHING that passes your lips. Sure, if you are 5+ years out you aren’t going to have a 4oz stomach anymore – over time it naturally stretches out to accommodate one and a half (or so) cups of food. Someone commented on being able to eat what a “normal” person eats. Ok – well, that probably means you stretched out your stomach quite a bit over the years.

    In any event, have faith that you will lose the weight, be positive, and go back to the simple things you did when you first got the GBP. Are you drinking fluids during your meals, right after, right before? Are you taking small, calculated bites, chewing at least 30 times per bite? Are you getting your 60g of protein BEFORE anything else? This is a LIFELONG change people – remember that. It’s not like once you hit that magical “150 lb” or whatever number you wanted you can get off the routine and become a little piggy again. Remember sitting in the hospital after surgery, with the pump of pain meds in your arm, wanting to basically die because you feel like crap. Remember that feeling? I do. Surgery for me was almost a month ago. You know what, though? I will NEVER be back there again. This was a one time thing, so, with that said, get back on track and if you feel like you can’t, etc. go see a therapist. Seriously. A nutritionist is going to tell you “portion size! omg it’s how much you are eating!” No. The reality is you need a therapist to work with you and get your head in the right place. Only then can you go back to the regime you have been doing for all of these years.

    Best of luck to everyone!

    • 7 years out says:

      You recently had surgery? And you have all the answers? Let us know where you’re at in two years.

      • Same says:

        Exactly 7 years out. It’s so easy to blame the person instead of looking for a medical assistance like everyone got with a BP in the first place.

      • 7 years out says:

        I’m sorry “Same” I have NO CLUE what you’re trying to say.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with the recently had surgery comments. I will be nine years out this October and until a couple or three years ago I had no problem keeping my weight off. Now it seems no matter what I do, I have a hard time not gaining. I can gain if I start eating any carbs and go over 1000 calories a day. Just beware everyone that it can happen to any of us. I accept blame for it of course, I did things I shouldn’t do, but now it seems no matter what I do the weight won’t come back off, but I keep trying, that’s all any of us can do.

      • Kat Brinson says:

        I agree, I kept off 160 pounds for 10 years, and through a pregnancy! Then I had a hysterectomy, and my health and weight spiraled out of control..I do not drink alcohol, and I eat very little, not enough to keep weight on. I recently went on porcine thyroid instead of synthroid, and voila! without even doing anything different….weight is falling off me, and I am feeling healthy again. I am a nurse, and I was saddened to see the comment by the OR nurse ( which in my opinion is not a real nurse…just saying’) that everyone who gains back the weight drinks alcohol. Please do not generalize, many folks are overweight because of bad habits, but many have conditions that need to be treated before they can even feel well enough to exercise. If you are one of the lucky ones, be thankful and do not judge those of us who struggle. Best of luck to you in your journey, but be very careful of the judgements of others…Karma bites, hard!

    • Ln says:

      Thanks! I really needed to read your blog today. I had my surgery in 2009, lost 130 pounds but have gained 20 pounds back. I started my back slide when my husband was having radiation treatment for cancer, comfort food!! I have pulled my book with all my material and information in it. I know I have read it 1000 times but will re-read it and start back to basic, write everything down!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        I have learned that it has nothing to do with what you eat and how much i am a strict Vegan and i eat three small meals a day and i make sure i get my protein but i also cut out sugar and carbs and i am on a low fat diet. But i still have gained weight and it is do to the meds i am on i take Tramadol for pain from Fibromyalgia and it slows down your metabolic rate which also happens when you hit a platue form the Gastric bypass. If any one is gaining weight back and is not eating junk food and high suger and carbs i would tell you to go and see an endocrinologist and get every thing checked.

    • Sam says:

      I actually like what you wrote, I was reading the comments and I know someone who has regained weight. And the complaints are always the same, eating to much not enough excersie, when she starts to excersie she sees the weight coming off again. But this goes to show its a lifetime care.

    • bigbluecheese says:

      Hi Sven
      I for one really liked your answer. My problem is, I thought it would always be 80% surgery. I never wanted to be in control of my own weight again. I was before and it wasnt a pretty sight.

  28. KM says:

    After reading these recent posts…. I had to comment! I too am 8yrs out and have regained 70lbs. I am having a problem with it. All of the things that the newbie (Sven) mentions is what we all have done and some continue to do now, but realisticly those habits last only awhile, over time we change our habits and modify our eating plans for what ever circumstance. I am very clear on the fact that BP was a tool and not a magic solution that will last forever, I know it will take a lifetime achievement to keep the weight off but I realize that after four year, things changed. I became older, less active, the attention I was getting which boosted myself esteem was decreasing, and other health issues was occurring. I realized that all these things played a part in helping me to stay focus and energized. When we first lost the weight we were complimented by our families, friends and others. After years has gone by…..we are viewed as if we were that size all the time. We become unnoticed! We just accept it and continue to go about our day as if nothing has ever happened. Regaining the weight back has an affect on our psychee…(lol) and we start to feel the way we were feeling pre BP sometime or most of the time, but we can change all things if we just trust and believe in ourselves again and create a plan of attack on our bodies and execute them with all that we have learned, read, and discussed, in order for us to regain our self-confidence which will boost our self-esteem and we will feel beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, volumtuous again about ourselves. We need SELF HEALING…… forget about how much we have gained and promise not to gain anymore but to appreciate what we have and do better to keep it or get rid of it. Its our choice, So I challenge you all and myself included, Are you ready for the Challenge? What Are We Going To Do With What We Have, Keep It or Get Rid Of It?


    • Ann Saunders says:

      I am 5 years post RNY, I have gained 55 lbs back, but I plan to make changes in my diet. I noticed if you eat fish grilled. With spices it fills you completely, also if you eat a broccoli floret it fills you up. So I’m gonna try these healthy foods, no more eating late if I get hungry I’ll just eat a veggie. My pouch is not stretched, it still is small and when I eat fish I can only eat 3 bites, wish me luck . I’ll post again in 3 weeks to let you guys know how I do. My surgery took away my interest in foods and cravings so I’ve been very lucky that way. Gonna go back to my protein drinks too and using my treadmill. Injury is my protein choice, but it is only good for you if mixed with water not milk, the milk makes it too many calories. I think my biggest problem is staying up late and eating before I go to bed, even tho it small portions, still bad habit. Let’s all try these low calorie choices see what happens. Will be back in three weeks.

  29. self struggles says:

    I too have gained about 94lbs since my BP and Im 9yrs out I was 366 and got down to 179 where I was thrilled to be, I then had another child and gained got up to 235 I am now at 260 and trying to fight off the food cravings, I have no excuse its like we get to a point and give up. I am on pain meds for chronic backpain, and recently stopped taking depression meds I think the dep. med actually helped with the dep. but also made the weight creep back up there, I have terrible cravings for salty and sweets. I do think talking with others helps to encourage us to fight the urge to revert back to our old eating habits. Anyone who has advice for me I welcome it. I am eating healthy, my biggest problem is I have to take my pain meds to function and I fear addiction I have been taking lortab 7.5 for 7yrs had back surgery in 08 and it got worse. I try to hit the treadmill atleast 3 x a week but then in terrible pain and have to take more meds. I have no ins so had to stop my depression med and trying to not let my depression cause me to feed my emotions. I am happy to know im not the only GBP patient struggling with weight gain.

  30. Beth Bates says:

    I had gbp in June of 2011 and my husband goes in tomorrow for his sleeve procedure… we would be willing to participate in any programs you have… I am naughty and do eat some bad things that I could not eat when I was heavier… I am stalled at 110# loss.. I have another 50-60 that I would like to see gone… but.. I need to watch my portion size and stop snacking… I have been naughty.. but I would like to drop below 200#’s I am stuck here… I think that by writing this and now feeling like I have let out my secret I should maybe holding myself more accountable for my snacking… I have been at 230—223 range since november.. I really want to get below 200. that is my all time goal I would love to get to 165 that is my old high school weight…
    Look forward to hearing back from anyone!!

  31. Lucille says:

    I am struggling with weight also after more than 10yrs since my surgery the weight is coming back on I see myself in the above stories from other surgery patients. Last summer I went to see my surgeon he is now the head of by-pass surgery at Beth Israel in NYC. He now only preforms lap band on patients. He had very little offers for me except to go in and see if something is blocked or if the old stomach is a problem. I’m sorry but this is so disappointing. What do all of us do now just lay down and cry.

  32. self struggles says:

    I am in the same struggle with you Lucille, I feel like I am doomed for failure. It does however help to discuss it, I have people to talk to but unless they have been through it they really dont understand. I was checked for blockages a few years back and they say Im fine, but I feel I can’t seem to stop gaining. My doctor told me to try to start like I did in the beginning and do a liquid diet but i dont have the will power. I am up to 270 and I was down to 179 at my lowest in 2005 so I have put on almost 100lbs since my Bypass. I am so afraid of gaining. I was 366 at my highest weight so I have to take control and do something!!!!! Any comments would be much appreciated.

    • 7 years out says:

      I’m really shocked by what I’m reading. From the comments here, I see people still looking to something surgery-related to explain or deal with what you are facing now.

      You should have been counseled BEFORE the surgery that there would be a window of time when the surgery effect was the strongest and it would subside over time. The reins of control would gradually be handed back over to you and you would have to be ready with new, seriously changed habits.

      Plain and simple, by a year after your surgery, your eating habits should have been dramatically changed and exercise should have been a regular part of your life. You could cry that nobody told you that, well I’m telling you now.

      • Billye says:

        I had counseling and it has been about years and I have gained of my lost. I need help I did not exercise after the surgery and I lost the weight. I am getting so depressed because I can see the weight and it is like a run away freight train and I can not stop it.

  33. self struggles says:

    Beth I read your post and you are at a plateau it sounds but you are still at a good weight for being active. I was at my happy weight of 180 2yrs after BP surgery when I got pregnant, I stayed at 235 for a couple of years after giving birth which was quite a gain but I am 5’8″ so I didnt feel to bad. Then I had to have back surgery in 08 and I am now at 270 I so wish I was at 235 again I had so much more energy to exercise. Now I suffer from more back pain its worse than I had prior to back surgery so its hard to be to active and I cant seem to lose any of this weight, I am a snacker and I recently got laid off so Im fighting with myself daily and trying to eat right, I get on the treadmill for 15 minutes and my back is killing me, I am so outta shape I need divine intervention!!!!!!!

  34. Meg says:

    You guys are scaring me here, but I’m glad I found this, to learn from you all what not to do.
    I had GB Nov 14,2011. I first started out in May and after test upon tests, blood work sleep
    Therapy I finally had the surgery. At the time of my surgery I was 264 lbs at 5’3 diabetic,
    Sleep apnea high blood pressure back pain you name it. I couldn’t even go grocery shopping
    Without getting out of breath :(. Today I’m at 182. It may sound crazy but I like watching
    Other people eat than eat myself. I work at a job where people are constantly eating but
    It doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t ever want to look back but with most of you it sounds
    As though it got old and bad habits came back. You lost that loving feeling, loving yourself.

    • katb says:

      I wish you much success, and do not do what many of us did….and that is we started to think we were just like anyone else who was normal. Twenty years ago I had my surgery, and lost 160 lbs. I kept it off for years, being very careful, and walking everyday no matter the weather. I never drank alcohol or ate fried food…I had a baby, gained 25 lbs, and promptly lost 30 right after he was born. I then had a hysterectomy and life screeched to a halt!! Weight piled on so quickly, I was breathless! I became fatigued, had many aches and pains, and stopped exercising….BIG MISTAKE! I was so tired, but this made it worse. If I could do it all again, I would keep up the walking, it helped me lose the weight and keep it off. I am now committing myself to walking again, and maybe I can get the 80 lbs I gained back off. So my advice to you is to never forget that you will never be the person who can eat anything and not exercise and stay slim….life for us doesn’t work that way. You have to remember who you are, and be grateful for the good things you have, and keep active, and you will be the one who wins at this war!

      • Skiergirl says:

        Thankyou katb! I appreciate you addressing the fact that we are not normal eaters – the surgery gives a wonderful head start on weight loss but it’s far from the whole picture! Now in menopause, my calories need to go down and exercise needs to go up – no mystery why I’ve gained weight, but I am not going to rely on my surgery of 5 years ago to keep me on the straight and narrow. I’ve found a great app for my phone called “lose It” – its free and a good way to track your foods and exercise. I was amazed how many things I wasn’t counting! Its a good motivator too because the more exercise you log the more calories you can have for the day. It also gives you a target date that you will lose the weight of you stay on your plan. I don’t want my body to remember the BIG ole days so I am going to try and get this 20 off in 4 months. This is a great season to get out and walk and there are no Christmas cookies allowed in summer!

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey thanks for the tip…I will try that app myself!

  35. Vid says:

    I had my surgery a month ago and only lost about 10 pounds, is this normal? I’m not so confident about this surgery as yet.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve been losing in stages. I went a whole month without losing anything and then next thing
      I dropped. I wouldn’t worry. You’ll see it come off just keep to the plan. The surgery is worth
      It. I now know eight people who had the surgery with no regrets.

    • 7 years out says:

      At one month out, you should be in close and frequent contact with your surgeon. Get your answers from him/her for what is “normal” for YOU.

  36. SkierGirl says:

    Have any of the ladies out there experienced weight gain that seemed to correlate to menopause? I am now 5 yrs out from surgery, lost 100 pounds, was premenopausal then, now one year in full blown menopause and the weight seemed to FLY on – 12 pounds in 3 weeks last April. I’ve been all year trying to get it off. Was curious about the stoma issue, which was how I found this blog. I hope that hasnt happened- its probably more likely I’m getting lax with my workouts. My metabolism seems to have slowed down, and I hardly break a sweat while exercising – unless having a hot flash ;-). Diet and exercise – our old friends! I don’t want to be one of those women that blames her age for everything!
    Secondly, Has anyone tried to go back to instant breakfasts and liquid diet to re-shrink their pouch? If so, for how long, and did it get you back on track? I want to nip this in the bud!

    • katb says:

      Hey girl, read what I had to say a few comments back. A hysterectomy put me into full blown failure mode….I had a baby at age 42, and lost all the weight plus 5 at the 6 week check up. I was my hysterectomy that put me into full blown faliure mode. It was so horrible, I thought I was dying…..night sweats, crushing fatigue, and I just stopped the daily walking I had been doing for years. All of this and I held a job as a nurse, and had a newborn baby! If you are in this place now, get back into exercise….it is the one thing I wish I could go back and tell myself to do no matter what. I am now 54, and I am finally feeling like I can get back into an exercise program. It took many years of researching why I felt so bad, and I now take a thyroid med, B12 injections, and topical progesterone. It was NOT my age…it was the surgery that assaulted my body, and put me into a hormonal imbalance that so many docs do not have a clue what to do with! As for what to eat, I think we all need to be honest and get rid of some of the bad habits that may have crept back, and admit that there are no quick fixes! I would reccommend you get your hormone levels, thyroid, and vitamin D levels checked. I see a Naturopath who has a lot of common sense advice I need to hear again, lol! Good luck, and feel free to ask me questions if you have any! I would love it if anyone else did not have to go through what I did!!! Good luck!

      • Skiergirl says:

        Thanks again katb – saw this response after I had already replied. Yes I will get hormone levels checked again – iron was low and did infusions for a year and seems to be holding now. Take a vitamin b12 shot every month and a multi vitamin and calcium and D supplement. I too, feel as though doctors do not take as much consideration with how hormones affect fitness and energy levels so I am prepared to learn all I can to advocate for my own oldie-self! Thanks for all your medical insight.

      • Kat says:

        I’m just now finding this blog. I had RNY in 2005, lost 135 and have gained back 40. Had a hysterectomy in 2008. I take iron, B12 shots, vitamin D and multi-vitamin. I have severe depression issues. I take an anti-anxiety drugs and a mood stabilizer. Going to go back to doc to check on changing depression drugs. The weight gain is so much on my mind that it’s almost taking over my life. I work full time and use so many excuses to not exercise. How do I get motivation to lose and exercise. I’m always so tired and hungry! Is it really possible to lose again???

  37. Jill says:

    Im 7years post and now in gaining weight back help

  38. Anonymous says:

    Jill I can relate I’m 4 yrs into post and I’m gaining a lot back to I was looking at how big my stomach has gotten seems more of swollen I’m trying to do all that I can to understand where did I go wrong and what I needed to do

  39. Jeannette says:

    I’m sorry but I’m thinking about going though a revision

  40. Jeannette says:

    My name is Jeannette, Jill

  41. Sally S. says:

    I’m seven years out (Feb 2005 surgery date) and I would say that I leveled off from my lowest weight of 150 to about 155-165…it fluctuated in that range for 5 years. Recently I saw that I had gained another 10 lbs. up to 175. I’m pretty sure the reason is because I was drinking diet soda and also carbonated water…and sometimes snacking. Also, working the night shift and getting older I’m sure has changed my metabolism. I don’t get to the gym often due to 10 hour night shifts. I don’t feel as though there is any surgical related issues. I would think I would have other symptoms related to that rather than just weight gain. I think before we look at a “failure” or complication of surgery we need to examine our habits and be truthful with ourselves. Are we really following the correct eating plan. Protein first, vegetables and fruit and avoid high calorie carbs such as potatoes, sweets, pasta, and bread. I also don’t eat much cereal or other bread or high carb breakfast foods such as pancakes or waffles. Crackers were becoming my downfall and also because I work nights I eat at night during the week and then switch to a normal schedule on weekends so then I eat during the day but then sometimes wake up in the night hungry so I was reaching for a snack in the middle of the night. I would say if you are concerned about a surgical issue then see an MD but you should also be honest with yourself and really track what you are eating. I started Weight Watchers last year before my wedding and I did lose about 5-7 lbs when I was sticking to it…it just helped me be more accountable about what I was actually eating. I may try it again as I’ve gotten a bit lazy about what I’m eating. I’m a bit scared but I know if I nip it now I can manage it

  42. jessica says:

    about to go for gbs, and you are all scaring me half to death
    Is there no one out there who has been successful and maintained their weight?
    I am 5 4 and 230 pounds, had a vertical banded gastrectomy when I was 17 which was unsuccessful, lost no weight, however my surgeon is quite convincing. I surely dont want to fail twice, I already cant eat meat, pasta, most fresh veggies…. and never drink soda, through a straw or bagels

    • Stronger than Ever says:

      Jessica, if you follow the program and most importantly exercise the surgery is a GREAT tool. I had been overweight all my life and had RNY over 4 yrs ago in my mid 30’s. I was 5’4 and 300 lbs, borderline diabetic, high blood pressure, and my knees were giving out. Now I’m at a very healthy 165 lbs. I’ve maintained the weight loss by exercising 3-4x a week, drinking water, and taking supplements. Most of my current weight is muscle, but I do have a lot of excess skin that probably accounts for 12-15 lbs. I am having surgery to remove that this summer.

      I truly believe incorporating exercise is the key. I know others that went through the same exact program, same Dr. etc, and without exercise they did gain back a good portion of the weight.

      Hopefully you are able to hear about other success stories because it has changed my life. I am a success story. =)

      Good luck!

    • Sally says:

      Don’t be scared to death…rather just take some of the info to heart and I would just make sure you don’t make some of the mistakes many have….and that is grazing or snacking. My weight gain is not excessive after 7 + years but I do see where I think I went wrong. You need to exercise and in my case due to my working night shift I don’t get to the gym that often. I also have a sedentary job so that adds fuel to the fire. In addition, I have hypothyroidism which has always altered my metabolism. If you consider that I leveled off at about 155-160 and then was typically at about 165 for 5 years and now I’m at 175, I’m still in a range where I could get back down and maintain. I know I just need to make a few changes in my lifestyle. You can keep the weight off longterm and I’m thinking if it’s a serious medical condition causing weight regain that I would think there would be other symptoms such as pain, nausea…etc. I’m not concerned that I have a ulcer or anything but sure my stomach has probably stretched some..it will after awhile as you begin to eat closer to a cup full of food after a year or so. I’m not sure that happens to everyone but my best advice to you is to follow MD orders and I think you will do fine. Good luck!

      • Anonymous says:

        This is the best procedure there is. I am 5’5 and started at 272 pounds. Lost down to my lowest 145. I now weigh 165. My operatin was in 2009 and in 2011 my husband had throat cancer. My bad habits kicked in, stress eater, that is when I put on my weight. Back on track and maintaining. I am now working on loosing15 of those pounds. Good luck to you!

  43. jessica says:

    Sally and Stronger thanks, you are absolutely right, I assumed that I would never eat those bad foods again due to the complications of dumping syndrome, which evidently half of gbs patients don’t experience, honestly I hope I am part of the 50% that does! In any case I plan to take your advice, and exercise will be a key component post op, maybe I will start a blog to keep on track, because when you tell other people what your plan is it is harder not to follow it!
    thanks and good luck to you both!

    • katb says:

      I am 20 years post op and I still vomit if I eat too much, or drink too fast! A real blessing for me is that fried food (which was my biggiest vice) causes me to be sick. Over time I was able to eat a little more, but I still get sick and vomit if I eat the wrong things. I admit I have felt sorry for myself at times over the years, because I gained half of my weight back after 10 years. But to be honest, even though I was not eating a lot, I had stopped my committment to exercise, and that was my downfall…….I am mustering up the strength and courage to get back into fitness, because I LOVED it when I felt FIT and STRONG and SEXY! Wish me luck y’all, and learn from my mistakes….keep exercise in your life!

      • Sally S. says:

        Wow, thanks for sharing that katb. I do believe strongly that it’s the exercise that helps keep us fit. I don’t “cheat” that much to make me gain or to even not maintain or even lose so I really think in my case it’s a combination of things, one being that studies show working night shift your metabolism changes over time, aging, and the fact that working nights I don’t get to the gym that much. I am on a 10 hour night shift 4 nights a week that between traveling to and from work and doing the shift it’s a 12 hour night just about…granted I probably could go to the gym right after work for an hour…and that would seem like the perfect solution. However, working in the sleep lab I’ve learned many things about sleep hygiene…and one golden rule to avoid difficulty falling asleep is to avoid working out within 4 hours of bed time….so do the math and you can see my dilemma. So I do try to get there at least 1 or 2 days a week but lately that doesn’t happen much. All my household chores, errands, running around and helping sick family members takes up most of my time off….I have to try to find a way to put my health first and get to the gym. So, my advice to all the folks struggling with weight gain after the bypass is to keep exercise in your life. And I honestly think you do have to treat yourself once in a great while to a food that you don’t usually consume. It will keep the cravings and snacking at bay to some degree. I eat lots of fruits and veggies and rarely bread, potatoes or pasta. And I’m still approx 10 lbs heavier than what I was maintaining at….so I do treat myself once in awhile and I don’t gain from that once a week treat…it’s the lack of exercise….At least I haven’t gained in a month or so.

      • Katb says:

        You sound like you are doing a great job! Take it from me it is much easier to work at keeping it off, than to try and get a big gain off. I also am a nurse and have worked the night shift for the past 20 years…it does a number on your health for sure. One thing that worked for me was to go for a 2 mile walk as soon as I got home in the morning, and then go straight to sleep after. I slept like a log! That is until I had my son, and now the early morning walks were not possible because my husband was not supportive of my need to do that and would not watch the baby because he would want to leave for work. (he was self employed) I found it very very difficult to fit exercise in, and combined with the hysterectomy, I quickly became used to not exercising. I was very busy, tired, but not taking the time I needed for me. I just want all you young ones out there to learn from my mistakes and treat yourselves at least as well as you treat those you love in your life! My good health is something I and my children deserve fo me to have, I just wish I had realized it 20 years ago!

  44. magickalmom says:

    I had my RNY in 2005, I lost far too much weight, by my own opinion, but stabilized for 6 months. My surgeon and GP both agreed that my weight was unhealthy and was ordered to put weight back on which everyone knows is a slippery slope but I did it. Stabilized at my new to me “healthy weight” for about 6 months, moved cross county, took a job and continued to eat well, stay spiritually balanced, and follow up with doctors and my program of recovery. However I started to experience serious complications like Intussusception (a serious intestinal condition in which a section of the bowel telescopes into the section next to it … to visualize it, think of a collapsible travel cup) resulting in having to take smooth muscle relaxers almost daily and every damn doctor I have seen for it claims that there is “no way” its related to my surgery because I am “so far out”…. really now?! Plus I have also had serious complications with malnutrition of particular vitamins, minerals, etc… We all know that malabsorption comes with RNY but to this extreme has been just unfathomable to me. So now I have spent more time in and out of clinics and procedures in the last 3 years than I ever did when I was obese… and the result of that is that exercise is now few and far between so I feel as unhealthy as the scale now reads. All of the medical problems I had when I was 300# are now back at 200# and I should be 160# max (I am 5’5). I wish I could stop this gradual gain… I feel like a failure and no one can seem to figure out what is going on or how to fix it, all they can say is “we know so little about people who are this far out because not enough studies are being done, sorry.” I am SO TIRED of hearing that excuse. So to all of you who feel alone and frustrated… you are NOT alone.

    • magickalmom says:

      …and BTW— When you struggle to keep your nutritional deficiencies in check, when they get dangerously low, you find out quickly that its UNSAFE to exercise beyond light walks. I used to be a “gym bunny” working out 6 days a week with a trainer, I was a beast, but that all came to a stretching halt the day I blacked out in the gym on a treadmill and spent the next 2 years trying keep my iron counts somewhat healthy…. we’re talking iron infusions, whole blood transfusions, surgical routes to stop menses… YES, we all slip and slide and make bad decisions occasionally, that is behavior and it can be modified. What is the medical community doing about research?! I swear if I hear one more doc say “we don’t know because the research isn’t there” then stop doing fly by night surgeries… let’s get the research done before more people wind up spending years trying to just keep ahead of the game. There are plenty of folks 10 years out or more now who have had RNY… research them!

    • Katb says:

      I know what you mean when you say you feel like a failure…we are all so harshly judged in today’s society for how we look. I have a sister and a brother who can eat whatever they want and not work out and they are both slim…and both over 50, so age is not going to get them! I have had to struggle with my weight since I was a child. I was continuously on diets, and one particular memory is of me at my 11th birthday party, having a salad while the rest of the kids ate Kentucky fried chicken. I was always singled out this way, no dessert when my 5 other siblings would get it, and it felt so unfair. Now I know my mom was trying to help me to lose weight, but the methodology was all wrong. It gave me the message that there was a flaw in me, and that I was not good enough until I was skinny like the others. It made food the issue. My father would look down his nose at me if I dared to have whatever dessert we were having, and raise his eyebrows…”do you you really think you need that?” he would say. Humiliated, I would give it to him and he would eat 2! To this day I do not eat dessert! After my RNY surgery, I lost weight very very slowyly compared to those in my support group. I was walking, and only drinking a skim milk recipe the doctor had given me. We are all different, and what works for one may not work for another. What still hurts me to this day is being judged for being someone who can’t control themselves by being overweight, when the reality is that any of us who have undergone this surgery and journey, know full well how very hard a road it is. To have the weight come back after all that, is heartbreaking, and so painful. I wish you the best, and hope you can find the strength to love yourself despite the setbacks, you are only human, after all.

    • Katb says:

      I agree that there should be some studies done on those of us who have been post op many years(I am 20yrs). Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are all related and have become epidemic…it warrants serious study. After keeping 160lbs off for 10 years, all it took for me to immediately put half of it back on within a few months, was a hysterectomy. My eating habits did not change….(I was getting 2 nights sleep less a week too, so that would have contributed.) I had a new baby at age 42, and was working nights as a nurse. But the weight came so quickly that I was short of breath! I also believe that the nutritional healthcare is seriously lacking for weight loss surgery patients. My doctor does not believe in vitamins, and I have had to do my own research and give my self B12 injections, because she thinks it is silly. She, like many GPs do not keep informed on many topics, and does not believe that those of us who have had stomach surgery, cannot metabolize oral B12 pills, and must get it another way. Beef is a great way, but I am one of those who have a hard time eating beef now. So after 18 years of not having my B12 properly monitered, I have had to do it myself, (s/c injections) and it had helped a lot. Also vitamin D, and magnesium are important in weight and health maintenance.
      As far as something going wrong with the surgery, I would not be surprised. They have learned a lot since I had my surgery, but there is still a lot to learn. Those of us who have been through this journey know how hard it is.

  45. Sally S. says:

    I went to my MD (GP) for a full physical on Monday. Of course I don’t have lab/blood test results back yet but I did gain a total of 18 lbs from my lowest of 156 documented by MD. I recently was up to 180 but with a few modifications and less snacking I’m back down quickly to 174. MD said he isn’t alarmed by my weight gain but he is concerned as he doesn’t want to see me go out of control. I really still say it’s not just what you eat but if you exercise. For me I need to fit the gym back into my night shift work schedule lifestyle. MD is referring me to a nutritionist and a GI MD to address these and other concerns and nip the weight gain in the butt. It’s been seven years since I saw nutritionist and I am actually looking forward to meeting with them and hearing their suggestions. I worked too hard to lose the weight at with my weight gain at 18 lbs and not 50 or 100 lbs I really think if I take control back again now I can be successful. If any of you are gaining…talk to your md…see if they suggest what my md has. Go into it with a positive attitude and do your best at all things…and what your best is only you can judge that. Be good to yourself and make time for yourself to be healthy….you aren’t being selfish in doing so for you will actually not only benefit yourself but those that love you and care about you.

  46. Sally S. says:

    In addition to previous comment…even if you have gained more weight back than I have at some point you can and have to take back control and even 50 lbs can come back off….see your md, nutritionist…..they are the experts.

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  48. ric says:

    This is one of the reason why I never resorted to gastric bypass surgery. I don’t want to go through the whole ordeal of any painful surgeries, get the risk of having complications and then regaining the lost weight. I am lucky to have found Roca Labs Formula, a gastric bypass alternative. No life threatening side effects and its 100% fiber ingredients helps me lose weight in a natural and safe way.

  49. Spam says:

    Wow, more spam! Take your advertising elsewhere “ric.” Don’t choke on that red goo.

  50. Deborah says:

    I had my surgery on September 11, 2001…yes, that very awful day in American History, but for me it was a new start. I went from 280 to 157…I was looking sickly, but quickly gained up to 167 where I leveled off and was a VERY HAPPY size 8….My 11 year anniversary is coming up and today, I have gained up to 185….about a 20 pound gain..not too bad, but let me tell you, that extra weight feels like 100 pounds…I’ve been told to go back to the liquid diet for 2 weeks and that would allow my stomach to shrink…problem is, in todays world, that’s very hard to do, I have 2 terminally ill children, lost my business that I had owned for 7 years, and now am struggling to keep afloat..a typical American to say the least….So, to everyone else out there, good luck, we are all in this together for the rest of our lives…God Bless

  51. Gail says:

    Hello all: Just read everyone’s comments and just wanted to say that after having lost and regained weight with every diet I saw my whole life, taking the RYGB in Oct 2008, losing 30 pounds before surgery (the fear factor helped alot!) and having lost about 130 pounds after, I have plateaued, and regained 20 pounds each year. Reason is lack of consistent exercise and eating nutritiously. Today, I have decided to put protein first, vegetables second, then fruit and lastly whole grains which I can tolerate – still can’t eat rice, noodles, broccoli etc due to surgery but I CAN DECIDE TO EAT NUTRITIOUSLY, BY JUICING/BLENDING AND EATING BETTER PORTIONS MORE CONSISTENTLY AND OF COURSE THE BIG ” WORD, EXERCISE! I am also getting psychological help with OA and speaking with other folks like yourselves who have taken the surgery. Its “normal” to gain a little back, but NOT normal to gain it all back and if you are like me, not normal, join the club…. just take one day at a time, stop grabbing medicine like candy and do some homework and learn about your disorder and overcome it with your own actions. It works if you work it. Everyone is different, has different problems but as a whole, we have the same disease which causes many problems. We all have problems in our lives.. Deborah hang in there.. and if we use our problems to sabotage our desire to be healthy, happy and lean… well guess whose fault it is? I’m talking to myself in this blog, maybe this pep talk will motivate others as well 🙂 so everyone, hang in there…. we can do this together. There is hope. If God is for us, who can be against us? Peace. G.

  52. jess says:

    Hi my name Is Jess, I had my GP in 2006, at age 36, I got pregnant at age 40, my birth control did not work due to the weight loss, I was 390 and got down to 219, During my pregnancy I only gained 20 pounds, I could not keep food down at all. Since the birth of my daughter who is now 2, I am up to 265, I am so tired all the time, all of my teeth are decaying, due to the major lack of calcium I suffered during my pregnancy. I feel out of control, I eat breakfast thinking about lunch, one again my life is focused on food, I don’t
    want to be 390 again…….

  53. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I had my GB in 2007 within 3 years I had lost 100 kilos (220pounds) got married had two kids gaining 9 kilos (20 pounds) each lost the weight but recently through terrible food choices due to only being able to tolerate the bad stuff I have gained back 35 kilos. Not happy about it so I have gone back to the beginning which was what I should have done. Am now back on optifast VLCD and actually am enjoying it. I am going back to the gym slowly And just want to be comfortable at 80 kilos. I have never regretted my decision to have the surgery. I have also lost all the mental stuff that comes from being super obese and so self conscious now I don’t care what people think I just want to be comfortable in myself but also to be healthy for my kids and happy within myself which was what I wasn’t doing. Good luck to all. Don’t be disheartened. For those who had it done and are gaining it back we are not at the point where we were when we had the surgery when we felt powerless to help ourselves without it. We are no longer powerless and we can change it before it again becomes too late. Goodluck

  54. sharon says:

    has anybody started randomly loosing weight again after 10yrs. been going to drs and have more app’s coming up. i just thouht ” hey could this be it”

  55. Peggy says:

    Hello, My name is Peggy: I had gb on 12-23-2003. I lost 167 pounds and at that time I was skin and bones. My family was worried that I was anorexic and so I started eating more often, higher calorie food. I was 305 before the surgery and now am at 195 and scared to death!!! i do not want to be FAT again. This past summer I had to have my esphegus stretched because it had become narrow and food began to just lay low in my digestive tract and stay there. Although i have kep 110 pounds off I need to be around 145 – 150 pounds all the time. I am an eater out or boredom, not usually very hungry, but just feel the need to have something ‘crunchy’ in my mouth. My thyroid has been tested to the limits as far as blood work goes, all are within normal range. I probably should just get back on my protein shakes and no food until I get down to my desired weight and start excercising and walking like heck! Any words of encouragement from anyone out here? I am 57 years old and have had two back surgeries in 2011, total shoulder replacement in 2010. These surgeries have been a very big factor in my not exercising the way that I should have.

    • Sally S. says:

      I do think not exercising plays a big part in either gaining back and /or hitting a plateau. I work full time nights and don’t get to the gym. I had surgery in Feb of 2005 and dropped to a low of 155. I am at 175-178 on any given day lately. Yes I’m concerned but not to the point where I’m disgusted with myself or depressed. My MD did agree the 2 main factors that are most likely contributing to weight regain in my case are lack of routine exercise and metabolism changes as a result of working nights. So my goal first is to fit time back in to get to the gym and looking for a day shift job. We can control some things that threaten to sabotage our weight loss. I read a post a few weeks ago about a woman who said she can only tolerate the “bad ” stuff now and she’s gained a significant amount back. Honestly I can’t relate to that because although I do treat myself once in awhile I eat a lot of yogurt, salads and fruits and veggies and tolerate healthy stuff better than bad stuff. The bad stuff will sabotage us every time so watch the food choices and intake. We probably are eating a lot more than we think we are. Keeping a food diary might not be a bad idea. Good luck and keep a positive outlook.

  56. lucy says:

    i had a gastric by pass in 2005 and i`ve gain 60 pounds in total i try to lose it and say to my self i will stop eating so much but i can`t i hate the way i look and i have all this beautiful clothes i can`t fit in anymore i wish i had the money for a rose procudure but i don`t and no job at this time so i eat more cuz i`m home all day i was 380 pounds in 2005 and lost all the weight by the end of 2006 i was so happy at 170 pounds and now i`m 235 its sucks i kept the weight off untill last year that i stayed with out a job any ideas to lost this weight?

  57. MiamiGirl says:

    G.B. is only a TOOL it is not a quick fix for eating disorders. I recently had surgery 12/17/12 and I am excited to start this new journey. How do people expect to have success when you are doing everything that the drs say you shouldn’t do. (alcohol, chips, soda etc) It’s like anything else if you dont follow directions it’s not going to come out right. Let’s support success and not look to each other for pity. Let’s get back to basics we all can do it! Besides, I’m going to need you guys to support me on this journey.

    • Teresa says:

      I had my bypass on 9/10/12, ended up in surgery again 9/24/12 with 18 inch bilateral blood clot and damaged heart valve to fix. The surgeon who did the second surgery said that the blood clots were a result of the first surgery because enough was not done to prevent it. Then I had my third surgery 10/1/12 to place a filter in my veins to make sure the rest of the blood clots in my legs did not move into my lungs. I had my 4 month followup for the bypass surgery and all the surgeon kept saying is that there is always a risk of blood clots from ANY surgery, my husband and I are thinking about Malpractice lawsuit because of his negligence (the head of thorasic surgery is the one who did my heart/lung surgery and if we can get him to testify we will go forward with lawsuit). I have so far lost 75 pounds even with having to eat protein snacks, so six meals a day, to help heal. I now have the five small scars from the bypass and an eight inch scar between my breasts which makes it impossible to wear a bra. I wore a triple D cup bra before surgery and they are going down a little but not being able to wear a bra makes me very uncomfortable when I have to be in the public eye. I plan on losing at least 80-90 pounds more and keeping it off after all I have been through and will go through in future. I was walking some but since colder weather has come I have not been able in the last 4 weeks, I will get back to it soon though. I hope everyone is able to get their weight back off and or keep it off as they want.

      • Ann says:

        Go sign and get all copies of your hospital stay, before anything changes in them, you will need to have that original treatments..

  58. Anonymous says:

    wow,scary,same thing with me. lost 160 lbs.on top of the world for last two years.now i am starting to gain.feels like my old self again! feel as though i have that monkey on my back again!!!only gain 8 lbs,but fear i won’t stop there. once a complusive eater,always a compulsive eater.

    • Ann says:

      I plan turning this problem upside down. I’ m eating small serving of broccoli cauliflower grilled tilapia, in only 3 bites at a meal. I buy the huge bags of frozen veggies in summer I grow my own broccoli, freeze it after blanching in hot water. Been doing my treadmill too. I do not crave any particular food , but I did pick up a bad habit, vodka shot in 20 ounces koolaid sugar free, I think the alcohol has caused my weight gain.

  59. Anonymous says:


  60. Martha H says:

    Thirty years out from my Roux-en-Y. It made my life SO much better.

    Now, at 75 years old, I’m regaining a bit. Vanity (yes, we old women still have our vanity) makes me hate this fifteen-pound weight gain. It may not sound like all that much, but I can’t wear many of my clothes. And this stomach bulge sickens me.

    I do think it may be alcohol causing the gain. I have two to three drinks every night and really enjoy them. But it’s a recent practice which I think began at about the same time that my weight started creeping up.

    Guess I’ll have to give it up (not addicted, or even close), but I resent having to cut out one of life’s pleasures. I’ve lost enough of them already!

    • No Way says:

      You’re claiming you had a Roux en Y 30 years ago? You’re just talking shit.

      • No Way says:

        Yeah try not drinking while you’re posting. THREE drinks EVERY night? You’re just an old drunk.

      • Martha H says:

        How mean you are! I DID undergo what was then a very new procedure in 1979. It was in Kansas City, Missouri, and if it could have been done earlier, I woud have had it.

        As for two or three drinks making me a drunk, well, I don’t think so. Over the course of five or so hours, I am merely somewhat mellower than I would have been without the booze.

        I wonder why you’re so annoyed at my post?

      • U R Idiots says:

        Because this has turned into a thread full of morons who don’t seem to notice it’s a two year old post and the original author has never returned. I first saw it when it was new and I can’t believe I am STILL getting notifications from it. And yes, you’re an old drunk. Must be why you talk shit.

      • Martha H says:

        Yes, it’s an old blog, but it’s helpful to read what others like me have undergone and are still having problems with. I saw that it was old but read everything from the beginning post. This old drunk broad needs all the help she can get.

        Were you ever fat?

  61. Sally says:

    Martha, ignore the UR idiots and No way posts….these people are the real idiots. I know what procedure you had done in 1979 was probably similar to a procedure a woman I know had done years ago…before Roux n y and lap band and the most recent I’ve heard about the sleeve. The problem I think lies within a lot of people lose the weight and then feeling awesome physically and mentally they begin to think they can live like a lot of their family and friends and begin gradually eating more, snacking at parties or holidays and the cycle begins again. People that have never had a weight problem won’t be affected by it but we will because we will ultimately gain if we eat the wrong things and eat too much. I’ve developed GERD…I’m 8 years post op and other than that I’ve not had any complications. I cannot consume a lot of sweets or I will get sick. This blog, although old still seems to be helping others and who the heck cares when the blog got started as many of us are continuing it for a reason so those who criticize it should just go somewhere else and mind their own business….nobody asked for their negativity and obviously they just need to try to make others feel as miserable as they are or they would just find another blog that suits their particular needs….leave the rest of us alone….the internet is a big place I’m sure they can find another site to visit. I hope you do well.

  62. Martha H says:

    Thank you. I know that the testy people who post unpleasant things to others here probably are struggling with their own demons. My own problems can make me irritable and negative.

    I wish it weren’t so.

    • No Way says:

      That’s what people want to believe. They want to deflect responsibility for their own behavior and assume the problem is somebody else’s. At 75 years old you need three drinks to “get mellow” every day??? The “demons” are all yours.

      • Martha H says:

        What is it about my previous post that indicates that I “want to deflect responsibility” for my problems and “assume the problem is somebody else’s”?

        I didn’t say or even imply that.

  63. Latosha G says:

    I had RYGB in 2003. I kept the weight off until 2008. I began a battle with Opioid addiction. Can this be the reason for the gain. Is there a next step?

  64. Andria says:

    I have come on here searching for serious answers, i had RYGB in september of 2005, i weighed in at 22st for the last 2 years my weight has galloped on, when i was at goal i was 11st 4lb i am a happy vibrant possative person i now weigh 16st 5lb thats a weight gain of 5stone! I did the pouch test and i followed it religiously “nothing” the weight is creaping up i cannot over eat as i feel full quick even still, yet i have been attending Slimming world for the last 2 months and have only lost 1 lb!! every time i contact the surgeons secutary im told several things yet i swear there is something very wrong, I am atempting to yet again contact them to see now i have done pouch test with no results what i do now i can put on weight without eating!! its as though my body is in some kind of shock and ifs holding on to everything that i eat. I have done slimming world before and it was very sucsessful pre surgery and a friend is my diet buddie we live together we are eating the same prepared food she is loosing loads im not! I cannot afford another proceedure and i feel this is all a bit of a lost cause so i am fighting to not put on anymore weight, my advise anyone looking to have it done DONT, do it the long way round or you could end up like us lot regaining weight we were told would NEVER come back!

  65. adipex says:

    My partner and I stumbled over here coming from a different web address and thought I may as well check things out.
    I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to looking into your web page repeatedly.

  66. Sharon says:

    Of the people that gain weight back. How many drink? A friend of mine is a surgery nurse. She said they patients they see that gain the weight back drink alcohol. Is that what you see?

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    • bjprrp67 says:

      You sounds like a well educated person and have a lot of insight into this weight “Issue”
      Will, you please email? I have two post, I think you can see that I am struggling and looking for direction and advice on diet!

  69. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and interesting,
    and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is an issue that too few men and women are speaking intelligently about. Now i’m very happy I stumbled across this in
    my search for something relating to this.

  70. bjprrp67 says:

    I’d like to share my story about weight loss surgery, I am 65 years old.
    As a child and well in to adulthood I had a weight problem, it was not fun being the fat girl in grade school, middle, school or high school. I cried many tears and missed out on a lot in school because of my weight.
    In 1985 I had my stomach stapled, big mistake, I had awful problems from the beginning. I never got help while in the hospital or after from a dietician, I learned the hard way about what to eat and not eat. There were many, many things I just stopped eating. As the years went on things just got worse. I had many days were I could not eat or when I did I was throwing up. Try spending the night in front of the toilet. I had so many dilatations done that the GI doctor could no longer help.
    I was really wasting away. In 2008 I found a surgeon who said he could help me, I had a revision done, it was a roux-in-y, it was not an easy operation at age 60, but I felt I had no choice, as I could not even keep water down. I thought my problems were over- wrong- six months later my gall bladder quit working, no stones, it just quit, back for more surgery, I have been slowly gaining weight and I am at my wits end. I am so stressed by this, that I am losing my hair not to mention the fear I fell everyday about more weight I will gain.
    The roux-in-y may have saved my life, but it created a whole new set of issues. I now have to take B12 shots every month, tons of supplements, bone building drug and I still have to take blood pressure medication. I watch my portions, what I eat, don’t drink (but I think I will start) walk every day a total of 60mins, I am not couch potato, so what has happened to me??
    I do believe it is related to not having a gall bladder, am I getting to much bile not enough??
    I am so very tired of doctors telling me that there is nothing wrong, I have had several lab test done, all normal. Is the opening in my stomach too big, food not digesting right? God only knows, cause I sure don’t.
    Some people might say well your 65 years old what’s the big deal, well it is a big deal to me. For several reasons, how much more am I going to gain? I hate my big lower gut, my bowel issues are a whole other issue, I take fiber, drink water and still feel like the Goodyear blip, I should own stock in the company that makes Miralax. Where do I turn?? 20 pounds and how much more?
    Thanks for letting me vent.

  71. Madijay says:

    Wow! This is crazy! I read these comments and a lot of them are like me. But, the only difference is I still consume the portion size and I run everyday. But yet I gained 40 pounds. My stomach pouch is still the size of a shot glass. I hate it!

  72. bjprrp67 says:

    I just had a check up and heart to heart with my internal medicine doctor about my weight gain.
    He was not surprised and told me that I am doing nothing wrong. In fact the type of gastric by pass that I had is really not effective in the long “haul”. But, what is done is done. I am going to meet with a nutritionist next week to see if we can find a plan that will help me lose and not gain anymore weight. Many factors play into this, my age, metabolism, not always about lack of exercise or portions. He knows I am doing the right things. One thing he really stressed to me is that we can NOT change our genetics! I have a hard time accepting a lot of what he says, but in my heart I know I am doing the best I can, I will just have to keep trying and searching for any answers.
    He did tell me that if there was anything he could give me, he would do it in a heartbeat!

  73. gina says:

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    • Anonymous says:

      What does this have to do with gastric bypass or surgical complications or weight gain after surgery? Sounds like you’ve got the wrong blog and a sales pitch for a certain md.

  74. gladys says:

    I had the Roux-en-Y done about five years ago, lost about sixty pounds. I have gained it all back and was told after a scope that my esophagus has stretched. My surgeon wants my stomach reconnected and do a lap band. Anyone with knowledge of this? I am so scared and depressed as it is difficult for me doing things, lack of energy. Please advise. Gladys

  75. Falala responded: “I’m here for the girl” and put his hand on her bottom.Another flatmate asked Falala who he was.

  76. The highlight for me was the Oscar gowns, though my kids hubby loved the Cadillac.

  77. jackie v says:

    i had gastric bypass 3 years ago lost 10 stone and in the last year i have gained about 14 pounds it frigentens me when i read the other comments on this site that i might regain more got to do something about it cant face being that big again (and the excess skin gets me down (cant aford plastic surgery to have it removed )

    • lucy says:

      I put on 15lbs and then I work hard to get it off again. You can gain all plus more weight after surgery. I go to the store and pick out smart ones meals or other diet meals and stay on them until the weight is gone. You can also watch hungry girl or go to food network.com and look up hungry girl. She shows you how to make good food but make it low fat. Hope this helps. I also heard that if you have a sweet tooth put a bit of salt on your taste buds and it will take it away for a while.

  78. Anonymous says:

    I am 11 years out. Lost 140 pounds. Everyone said I was too thin. I am only 5 feet tall. I stayed at 99 ponds until about 8 months ago just put on 20 pounds over night. I am very tired all the time. So for about 6 months now I have been getting blood work done. Come to find out my theighriod is low. Hair loss, dry skin, weight gain, extremely tired and depression. My question is did I have a theiriod issue from the beginning, cause this is how I felt before gastric. Can u get low theighriod from gastric? Thank you, Carmen

    • lucy says:

      I am 5’1 and my weight I was told was to be 118. Never reached it but stay around 135-139. How is your B12? My daughter has low thyroid and she is tired depressed and has hair loss. She is now on a stronger med. that helps. Please get it checked. Best health to you.

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