A Mobile App for IBD Care

A new mobile app from the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) provides instant recommendations for the management of patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It is now available from Apple’s app store.

The app, which is called AGA’s Instant Recommendations for IBD Quality™, uses national IBD quality measures to deliver quick, concise, and actionable recommendations for treatment at the point of patient care.

AGA App 1

The app uses the same quality measures as the AGA Digestive Health Recognition Program™ (DHRP), helping clinicians improve quality, and also achieve rewards and recognition for their success. The AGA DHRP, which is a Bridges to Excellence IBD Care Recognition program, recognizes clinicians for superior quality of care in the treatment of IBD and is also a way to qualify for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Physician Quality Reporting System incentives.

Click here to download the app for your iPhone or iPad.



The AGA has been testing the app, incorporating suggestions from users, and will be providing updates.

An app is also being developed to provide the same guidance and resources for treatment of patients with hepatitis C. It will coincide with the launch of Bridges to Excellence Hepatitis C Recognition.

About Kristine Novak, PhD, Science Editor

Dr. Kristine Novak is the science editor for Gastroenterology and Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, both published by the American Gastroenterological Association. She has worked as an editor at biomedical research journals and as a science writer for more than 12 years, covering advances in gastroenterology, hepatology, cancer, immunology, biotechnology, molecular genetics, and clinical trials. She has a PhD in cell biology and an interest in all areas of medical research.
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